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BDE gummy

Sea Moss Gummies Wildcrafted

Sea Moss Gummies Wildcrafted

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World's First Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gummy

How to Use

BDE was designed to give you the confidence & health to take on the world

An awesome thing for all, made from the earth & ocean, our plant-based vegan gummy will improve & enhance your performance on all of life's stages.

  • + Prebiotic & Probiotic
  • + Gut Health
  • + Thyroid Support
  • + ↑Creativity & Focus
  • + ↑Energy & Performance
  • + Immunity Booster
  • + Respiratory Support
  • + Muscle Recovery
  • + Breakdown of Fats

Suggested Use: Take 3-5 BDE Gummies, 1-2 Times Daily

2 Gummies + 1/2 Your Daily Dose of Sea Moss

Beets, St. Lucia's Wildcrafted Sea Moss, Pear, Maca Root, Watermelon, Pumpkin Seeds, Agar Agar, Panax Ginseng
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